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Liebherr 56cm Integrated OpenSpace Peak Series Fridge

Liebherr 56cm Integrated OpenSpace Peak Series Fridge

SKU: IRBPh5170

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The Liebherr IRBh 5170 is a fully integrated refrigerator designed to discreetly enhance your kitchen's aesthetics while delivering exceptional food preservation and convenience.


  • BioFresh Professional Technology: Extends the freshness of your produce up to 3 times longer with precise temperature and humidity control.
  • HydroBreeze Drawer: Enhances freshness with a fine mist that envelopes fruits and vegetables, reducing spoilage and preserving vitamins.
  • SuperCool Function: Rapidly chills new items for optimal temperature maintenance and freshness preservation.
  • Spacious Interior: Provides ample storage for groceries with a 287-liter net capacity.
  • PremiumPlus LED Lighting: Illuminates the interior brightly and evenly for effortless visibility.
  • SoftSystem Hinges: Ensure gentle and quiet door closing for a peaceful kitchen environment.
  • Seamless Integration: Designed to blend seamlessly into your kitchen cabinetry for a sleek and unified look.
  • Energy Efficiency: Operates with energy-saving technology for reduced energy consumption and cost savings.
  • BioFresh with HydroBreeze

    Do you want to cool fruit and vegetables like professionals? You’ll be inspired by HydroBreeze. The cold mist combined with a temperature in the safe of just over 0 °C gives food that extra boost for longer shelf life. And it creates a genuine visual wow effect. HydroBreeze is activated every 90 minutes for 4 seconds and for 8 seconds when the door is opened.


With its advanced freshness technologies, intuitive features, and discreet integration, the IRBh 5170 offers a seamless solution for those seeking exceptional food preservation and a harmonious kitchen design.


Aperture dimensions height/width/depth 177.2 - 178.8 / 56 - 57 / 55.0 cm

Noise level 32 dB


Energy consumption per year106 kWh/a
Climate classSN-T
Noise level32 dB
Energy rating6



  • Warranty

    3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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