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DeLonghi 2400W Ceramic Tower Heater

DeLonghi 2400W Ceramic Tower Heater


Maintain a warm and cosy home interior with the DeLonghi 2400W Ceramic Tower Heater. It features a Silent+ system and Eco Plus functionality, enabling you to keep your area heated at the right temperature without producing much noise.


Key Features

  • DeLonghi's 2400W heater incorporates Ceramic Technology which intuitively adjusts the heat output depending on the room temperature. This revolutionary feature lets you enjoy the perfect balance of power and efficiency.
  • The ECO Plus function helps regulate energy and maintain a comfortable heating airflow. If the temperature drops, the ECO plus will automatically kick in and turn it back up. With this handy feature, you no longer need to constantly turn your heater on and off manually.
  • Enjoy lower energy consumption thanks to the combination of the ECO Plus and Ceramic Technology. Once the ECO Plus feature is activated, the Ceramic technology adapts the power accordingly.
  • Showcasing a safety tilt switch that turns the Ceramic Tower Heater off in case it falls or when you accidentally tip it over.
  • Its Silent+ technology lets you enjoy quiet operations at 37dB. This heater is perfect to use for any situation.
  • The Ceramic Tower Heater employs an anti-frost function that automatically activates whenever its sensors detect room temperature below 5ºC.
  • Manage settings with ease as the DeLonghi 2400W Tower Heater utilises soft-touch control panels.
  • Keep your heater cleaned and maintained for longer thanks to its removable and washable anti-dust filter.
  • With a 2400W power rating, you can efficiently keep your personal space warm and homey during cold seasons.
  • It also has a dedicated storage area to keep wires hidden so that you can neatly tuck away unsightly cords when the heater is not in use.
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